About Us

Pioneers in Risk Structure Visualization

Grafico Analytics is changing the way the risk-management industry builds, visualizes and compares insurance and reinsurance programs. The GrafStudioRE platform delivers complete automation of the process of structuring and analyzing P&C reinsurance programs, powered by cloud-based web application technology and a dynamic modern interface. GrafAPIRE allows enterprises to bring powerful reinsurance structuring capabilities into their own proprietary platform, saving time and R&D costs and reducing internal code management burden.

In our industry, it is critical that parties throughout the value chain understand how policy and program structures function and provide coverage. Current visualization approaches, such as depicting program structures using powerpoint slides, are inaccurate, slow and static. Without dynamic, interactive program visualization, coverageholders and underwriters alike are left with an abstract and vague understanding of how programs function. With our digital risk structuring platforms, your team has the power to instantly create, test and fully understand the response of policy and program structures.

Grafico is here to help your team onboard quickly, provide fast and insightful support and help your team effectively harness the power of digital program visualization and analytics.

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