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Software and API

Reinsurance Structure Analysis Tool Kits

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Reinsurance program structuring platform for insurers, brokers, and underwriters
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Reinsurance structure analysis tools, built into your company's proprietary platform
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FHCF / RAP layer calculation, exports and analytics, featuring Visual Layer DB
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Death to Powerpoint Slides! ⚔️

What makes Grafico's structure charts better?

  • Build Structures in Minutes

    Prioritize strategy and program development discussions, rather than manual powerpoint box design, review and validation

  • Algorithmic Precision

    In the reinsurance industry, human error comes with 6 or 7 zeros behind it. Trust the algorithm, not the intern

  • Complex Structure Logic

    Reinsurance structures range from simple to complex. Our products are built to capture nuanced coverage features

  • Event Response

    When Catastrophe events threaten your portfolio, do you know how your program will respond to events of any magnitude?

  • Multiple Export Formats

    Export data tables to .csv, .xlsx. Export custom program chart and comparison graphics to .png with one click

  • Proportional Scaling

    Structure charts are finally visually accurate. Our structure charts employ proportional scaling both vertically and horizontally

Data Security

Deployed on a secure cloud infrastructure

Whether accessing from desktop, laptop or mobile device, we fortify the software supply chain with encryption, redundant backups and standards-based development practices

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know before getting started

  • Can I see GrafStudioRE in action before purchasing?

    Yes - click here to book a 30 minute meeting with Grafico.

  • How is the application accessed?

    Our applications are accessed via web browser. Applications are fully responsive, maintaining full functionality across desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

  • Our company has its own platform. Does Grafico offer integrations?

    Yes - the functionality of GrafStudioRE can be fully replicated in your application via GrafAPIRE. Visit the API product page for more info.

  • Do you have a free trial?

    We offer a 10 day free trial of GrafStudioRE. Submit your information here to get started.

  • Does the software capture complex coverage features?

    The application supports varied reinstatements (i.e. single-shot), reinstatement pricing, cascading, top and drop, FHCF layers, RPPs, LAE capping, subsequent event layers and more.

  • How does my team get up to speed?

    • Training: we include a one-hour interactive training session to walk through creating various program structures, followed by a Q&A session

    • In-App Guide: the app features detailed guides for each tool

    • Support: Grafico support is available to answer any questions that arise over the course of your subscription

We've taken risk structure analysis to new heights. Try it now, free for 10 days.

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