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Demotech Difference: FHCF Insider provides company and industry layer visualization and analytics to the Florida property market
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Posted: 09/04/2022
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"FHCF Insider is a web application providing market leading Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund / RAP insights, alerts and analysis to Florida insurance market stakeholders. With FHCF Insider, your team can dynamically visualize layers, analyze recoveries, retention, FHCF leakage, and limit remaining for every FHCF layer in the past 15 contract years. With Visual DB, you can view scaled, interactive Company Layers and Industry Layers with ease. Included with the service, your team will receive email notifications every time new data is uploaded."
Grafico launches FHCF Insider, FHCF data and Visual Layer DB for the Florida Property market
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Posted: 04/01/2022
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FHCF Insider provides real-time Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund alerts and analysis. FHCF Insider aggregates data from publicly available sources, combined with our FL property insurance market experience to provide third-party FHCF analytics. Our responsive web application makes it easy to stay current with the latest FHCF data from a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. The platform includes: Real-Time Alerts, Raw Data Exports, FHCF Market Analysis, an interactive, searchable Visual Layer Database, Custom Layer Comparisons and more.
Demotech features Grafico in special insert 'Insurance at the speed of Insurtech'
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Posted: 08/05/2021
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"As risk-management professionals, we have all received the same question at one time or another: What is (re)insurance? The next time you hear this question, don’t speak, simply point to a GrafStudio structure graph and let it do 90% of the explaining for you. Risk-transfer agreements, from insurance policies to multi-layer reinsurance programs, are nuanced and abstract, but can be communicated, analyzed and compared in a concrete manner, with the right tools to quickly build and visualize coverage options."
Grafico Analytics launches GrafAPIRE, an API for dynamic reinsurance structuring, visualization and analytics
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Posted: 07/26/2021
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"GrafAPIRE can help your reinsurance purchasing, broking, or underwriting team visualize, analyze and compare reinsurance programs, dynamically and digitally, within your organization's proprietary software platform. Grafico can work directly with your development team to integrate the reinsurance visualization and analytics API into your platform, using your existing dataset(s)."
Grafico Analytics launches GrafStudioINS, a platform to help insurance agents visually compare policy options with their clients
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Posted: 12/08/2020
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"As an insurance agent, you need the power to visually communicate and compare coverage options with your client, to help them identify the policy with the right balance of coverage and pricing for their needs. GrafStudioINS provides powerful tools to quickly build, analyze and visually compare policy structure options with your client. Insurance terminology can overwhelm, but with GrafStudioINS, insurance is made visual, helping clients instantly understand the coverage options they are considering."
Spot on Insurance invites Grafico to discuss the company's launch and latest product updates
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Posted: 02/01/2021
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"Will Marzolf is the Founder of Grafico Analytics, an insurtech company that aims to innovate the way insurance companies visualize, communicate, and compare their various insurance and reinsurance programs. They created a restructuring platform that allows clients to visualize what their insurance product looks like to understand them better. Will joins us to share why the industry needs to revamp the way it presents insurance products to clients and how Grafico can help them do it seamlessly and instantly."
Grafico Analytics launches GrafStudioRE, a platform for dynamic reinsurance structuring, visualization and analytics
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Posted: 05/01/2020
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"GrafStudioRE structure graphics are scaled, interactive and dynamic. Users can instantly Build, Visualize, Test and Compare program structures with ease. As a cedent or reinsurer with tens of millions in premium dollars at stake, it is high time your team was equipped with a technical tool-set for understanding the response of composite reinsurance programs. GrafStudioRE has the power to automate and enhance your reinsurance purchasing or underwriting, claims and event response efforts, and to bring your analysis of program structures into the modern era."
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